31 July 2007

Unlikely Icon #1: Linda Ronstadt

I've decided to start posting unlikely icons. If anyone has suggestions, or personal unlikely fashion icons, e-mail me!

Linda Ronstadt is hardly in the public eye anymore, unless she says something political (and I love it when she does). But it's fun to look back and see her at when she was so young, cute, so talented, and such a sex symbol. (My dad had a big crush on her.)

And for anyone who's ever suffered a broken heart, go to iTunes and immediately download "You're No Good."


Intrepidity said...

She was recently interviewed on NPR's "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me." I loved it! I think it was from a February broadcast if you are able to podcast it.

Intrepidity said...

She was interviewed recently on NPR's "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me." I loved it! It was a February broadcast if you can podcast it.

Ailsa said...

Yes, I heard it! I am a faithful "Wait, Wait!" listener. She was quite clever on the show, wasn't she?

Intrepidity said...

Quite clever. And I am very proud of you for already hearing it. =)