13 July 2007

The Beckham Effect

This morning on NPR they were discussing/predicting the potential effect of yesterday's arrival of the Beckhams; specifically, the potential growing popularity of soccer and the increasing numbers of British press in L.A. to follow the couple.

Today I experienced the Beckham Effect firsthand. Two people called into the salon to book appointments, saying, "I want a whole new look. I want the Victoria Beckham hairdo." Ah yes. (A girl I work with already has the Victoria hairdo.) If two women are spontaneously changing their hair, and the Beckhams have only been here one day, multiply that by two girls at most salons across America.

My Beckham Effect prediction: we'll be seeing more of Posh's hair than of Beckham's jersey.


Le Portillon said...

The Beckhams moving to America is a good thing for me, being European, as hopefully their Europe reign will lose it's power. It is, of course, very bad for you though.

annabelle said...

I agree for the prediction...