07 June 2007

Rodeo Dr.

When I first moved to LA I lived five minutes from Rodeo Dr., but I only went down it twice. More often I'd visit the less intimidating (read: less expensive) Wilshire Blvd., home to Saks Fifth Ave. and Neiman Marcus, or Robertson Blvd., home to Kitson, Kalologie (best Sonya Dakar facials), The Paint Shop (see Carmen for the best U-Toe-Pia Pedicure of your life), and Planet Salon (see Geno).

But next time I'm in LA (in August, hopefully!), I'll definitely cruise Rodeo to get a look at Chanel's new boutique.

I love the Bauhuas minimalism of it. Perhaps that was Mr. Lagerfeld's Deutsch touch?

(pic WWD)

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