16 May 2007

Wooden Gladiator Shoes

I wouldn't describe myself as a "shoe girl" - at least not in the Carrie Bradshaw sense. However, I have a particular penchant for wooden heels. It started a few years ago when I lived in L.A. and I bought a pair of Frye mules. I wore them everywhere and with anything. I wore them as house slippers. Eventually I wore the heel completely off of them. I've forever been trying to replace them.

I bought a pair of Michael Kors wooden heels last year, but they're not quite the same. And though I love them dearly, they just can't function as house slippers.

BUT... yesterday, when I was out shopping for a dress to wear to my brother's wedding, I happened upon my new favorite shoes, proving my belief that the best finds are always random, never planned.


eurobrat said...

Gorgeous! They look comfortable too.

I love Michael Kors.

Anonymous said...

I have a pair like that by bcbggirls I got about a month ago on sale. They are so comfy! They look nearly identical to yours although I can't really tell from the photos =)

Ailsa said...

Yes, they're BCBG. Good eye!