06 May 2007

Cameron Diaz

I'm not normally a fan of Cameron Diaz's street style, but I do tend to like her red (or green) carpet fashion (minus her Oscar getup). She avoids banal ensembles by always adding something that's a little incongruous, like vibrant heels or asymmetrical patterns. She's so striking looking that it would be a shame for her to try to conform to cookie cutter looks with barrel-curled platinum locks and mahogany faux tans, and it's refreshing that she doesn't.

Even though her outfit at the Shrek 3 premiere (below) isn't particularly avant-garde or out-on-a-limb, she still manages to look unique. After flipping through red carpet pictures, everyone starts to look the same after a while, like they're all using the same stylist. Cameron Diaz always looks like herself.


F.M. said...

Agreed. There's something nonchalant and natural about the way Ms.Diaz pulls off a look. She's stylish without looking like a fashion-obsessed droid. Excellent post!

emsie said...

cameron diaz does look good in that dress..not your typical average outfit, but yes i agree she looks like her.

nice blog, by the way