27 February 2007

Intellectual Elitism and Crushing on Jake Gyllenhaal

I don't crush on celebrities much, and when I do, it typically depends on my assessment of their general intelligence and global consciousness. George Clooney is a good example of my crush-type. Wentworth Miller is also attractive, and when he opens his Princeton-educated mouth, he remains attractive in my eyes. Jake Gyllenhaal, too, has yet to fall from grace. I appreciate that he was man enough to be in Brokeback Mountain and I appreciate that he went to Columbia University and typically avoids the sycophantic Los Angeles lifestyle (in my estimation) and has links to the ACLU and Not In Our Name on his website.

I also appreciate that when I literally ran into him as I was coming out of Joan's on Third and his large German Shepherd lanced me in the crotch, he didn't seem like an asshole.

But more practically speaking, I appreciate that he can wear a classic suit and not feel the need to pair it with Nike's and a hoodie like so many of his peers.

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Wet For Went said...

Amen to that! Jake is my #2 man. I love him to pieces but Went looks rather smashing all dressed up as well. See? *grin*