25 February 2007

Bygones Won't Be Bygones

My most recent footwear acquisitions are a pair of Frye heels and a pair of men's oxfords. Looking at them side by side in my closet I can't help but think of Fred Astaire and all his leading ladies: Ginger Rogers, Rita Hayworth, Leslie Caron.

I grew up watching the films of Fred Astaire because they were among the few that passed my parents' censorship standards. Though I resented this as a child, I have become grateful over the years that I grew up with the beauty, class and fashion of Old Hollywood.

My shoes have made me nostalgic for these films and for a bygone era in which I never lived. That's why fashion is powerful. It's evocative, transcendent and romantic.


Felice Russo said...

I love the post. I am a enormous fan of old movies and actors like Gean Kelly, Frank Sinatra and etc etc etc...how I wish I could live in those days.

Janvangogh said...

There is nothing like a nice solid pair of shoes with style. I like them and would want a pair of my own.