17 September 2006

Tory Burch

I'm really sick of 'progressive' designers 'pushing the envelope' by creating totally impractical items that cannot be worn off the runway. It's nice to see new twists on classic, wearable items ... like this calico jumper.

It seems to be a bigger creative task to take on a classic. It's not as challenging, in my mind, to create an avant-garde jersey wrap tunic concoction that (when pinned perfectly in place) looks okay on the runway. It's takes true innovation, and a true desire to make a woman look good, to make a basic jumper look so fresh and young.


The Glamour Bee said...

You are so right! My tastes always lean toward what's truly wearable and Tory Burch is one of my favorites.

Jessica said...

I think there is a time and place for these designs and the runway is the PLACE! I sometimes feel like I want to be dazzled by these shows and not shown the same goods rehashed.

I like when a young designer comes out and tries to revolutionize this extremely old industry that we call Fashion.