06 September 2006

Roland Mouret and Simon Fuller?

I've been hearing some rumors about this for a few days, but now it's official. Roland Mouret has teamed up with Simon Fuller (of Spice Girls fame). My immediate reaction to this announcement is confusion, but I suppose I should have a little faith in a designer that has so consistently impressed me, and wait to see what his new products will be.

Mouret is one of my favorite dress designers and often uses classic shapes while adding his own modern twist of draping or layering with vibrant colors. Not only do they look classic, but they also look better on women with real figures, not supermodels. Rachel Weisz and Scarlett Johansson are fans of his figure-flattering dresses. There are only a relatively small handful of designers whose dresses so consistently flatter the shape of a woman.

Mouret was quoted in Telegraph as saying:
Simon has allowed me the creative freedom to build a new vision of a fashion business and one that is relevant for today and for the future. His business knowledge allows me to look at fashion not just from the catwalk but from any direction.

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Jessica said...

I think it is important for a designer to have a voice and a vision, which is definitely something Mouret has.

I am excited that Fuller is giving him that opportunity to get his clothes out there.