14 September 2006

Matthew Williamson

Coral, turquoise and psychedelic floral filled the runway. Very 1960s/1970s/Studio 54 vibe. Oversized sunglasses and metallic heels. Since Sienna Miller is buddies with Williamson, I wonder if this is what we can expect from her as she moves away from the Edie Sedgwick look?

To be honest, I'm a little worried about this collection because Rachel Zoe was in attendance. I hope she does not get her paws all over these items and ruin them with press oversaturation on the likes of Mischa Barton and Nicole Richie.

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missnomi said...

well, actually Sienna Miller was very much into being Williamsons's muse (and doing his whole boho floaty flowery look) BEFORE she started channeling Sedgwick. Been there done that I suppose.