13 September 2006

Marc by Marc Jacobs

I'll start by saying that, although I'm confused by the lack of direction, I still like this collection. At times I was seeing little Little House on the Prairie, and at times I was seeing the 1940s. (The pompadoured bang and soft curls paired with a colorful pump recall the early 40s, but the patchwork dresses with ultilitarian boots recall Laura Ingalls... at least as she was depicted on television in the 1970s). The collection overall had a bleak tone to it (lots of browns paired with nude faces), but then he'd surprise me with a yellow, shapeless dress. I don't know what it is about MJ, but I'm unable to dislike even his most inexplicable collections. I can, however, say I absolutely disliked the tacky logo handbags. They seemed more out of place than the yellow dress.

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Jessica said...

I don't neccessairly think he produces these lines with a clear cut direction. These are more about key items and how they look in the stores. I don't think he can really do wrong because his stuff just sells itself. I think it is better when you see it in the stores because you can really grasp the subtle details.