07 September 2006

Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat, or Shoes, or Purse, or Dress...

Alessandro Dell’Acqua pumps; Ralph Lauren bag; Lola fedora; Bruno Frisoni heels

In the years of the Prohibition, The Great Gatsby, jazz and flappers, leopard become wildly fashionable due to the roaring economy of the 1920s. Flaunting wealth in opulent leopard skin, fur coats and stoles, diamonds and pearls became commonplace for the elite. It is reflected in photos and artwork from the time like an illustration from 1920, an image of Kay Swift, and an Otto Dix painting from 1927:
Leopard was used on coats, gloves and cloche hats, and some extraordinarily wealthy people even kept leopards for pets.
(fashion pics courtesy of style.com)

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