16 September 2006


You can always count on Gwen Stefani to go above and beyond on concept and color, and she outdid even herself this time. Supposedly Stefani's collection was inspired by Scarface, Rasta, Japan and South America. I definitely saw those references, but I also saw disco and urban/hip hop.

Summary: ankle boots, spats, boyfriend jeans, track suits (of course), wrap dresses (like early Diane von Furstenberg), pointy-toed heels, gold accessories.


eurobrat said...

I heart Gwen. She's one of the few singers-with-a-clothing-line who has great designs.

That last red dress is quite nice...

Ailsa said...

I totally I agree. I think she's more hands-on with her line than other, less interesting, singers-with-a-clothing-line's lines.