08 September 2006

Haut Monde Hair

Yvan at Facehunter gets the wonderful opportunity to gallivant around Fashion Week and go to fabulous parties and take pictures of lovely people. I already visit his page daily, but now I'll visit it multiple times a day, checking for updates.

I love these girls he snapped photos of at The Daily party with basic hair and fresh faces. There's something refreshing about women who can look so stunning au naturel faced. The only statement they're making with their appearance is with blunt, long bangs and, in the case of the girl on the right, the Louise Brooks bob. There's nothing trendy or 'of-the-minute' about them, though. The coquettish girl on the left could easily have been plucked from Paris in the mid-sixties. The girl on the right is, obviously, a throwback to the twenties. In other words, these looks are virtually timeless. Learn from the best:

(pics courtesy of the brilliant Yvan at Facehunter)

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