06 August 2006


I really dislike a certain trend right now. The only way I can think to describe it is "very LA". It's in no way classic or inventive, it's just trendy. I was trying to find the perfect pictures to describe this style of clothing, and what better way than to use pictures from LA's trendiest boutique, Kitson.

I used to work on Robertson Blvd., the home of Kitson and The Ivy, and I tried a few times to shop in the store. Every time it was overrun with paparazzi, which was stressful. But, the clothing didn't even make it worth the hassle. Everything is jersey knit that's been destroyed or embellished or stenciled or reconstructed or spraypainted. It's all very industrial-pop. In other words, it's ugly. It's chintzy. It's obnoxious.

Because this kind of clothing is a dime-a-dozen, everyone and their neighbor can produce this kind of attire. I could literally buy a Hanes t-shirt, sketch a sparrow on it, and sell it for $120.

The weird thing is, this look was all over LA, but I really don't think the true fashion beacons, like Paris and New York, ever cared. When I look at what was on the Fall runways (cashmere; silk; velvet; beautifully detailed Napoleonic coats with gold buttons), there was not even a nod to this kind of industrial-pop jersey knit dime-a-dozen stuff.

So I guess my question is, why is this look popular? Why is it being mass produced for local retailers when it's so ugly and cheap looking?

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Twiggy-Pan said...

This is essentally why I couldn't work at Bliss any more.

Parasuko is the same shit. Take a cotton tee shirt, stencil it with some shit, stitch something "funky" on it, and sell it for $120.

I could have pushed Napoleonic jackets or beautiful Pucci prints, but there is no dignity in selling industrial-pop?