11 August 2006

WAGs Get The Finger Wag

WAGs (Wives And Girlfriends of footballers) got the proverbial finger wag from Telegraph this week.

I've often thought about the way celebrities affect trends and brands. Celebrities have such strong character association that they can either have the Midas touch, or the uh... Tara Reid touch? Sure, she's not a WAG, but she's just as brand-damaging, if not worse.

I might think a pair of jeans is cute, but if I ever saw some talentless tabloid celebrity with the initials T.R. in them, I guarantee that I'd never buy them. They'd be tainted.

I imagine that designers have strong reactions to seeing their clothes on Tara Reid or Paris Hilton as they drunkenly expose themselves. It must be discouraging, or enraging, depending on the designer's personality I suppose. I'd be enraged.

Why are WAGs getting a bad rap? Well, they aren't known for much other than being a golddigging W or G. Sure, Victoria Beckham was a popstar, but do you really want your brand represented by a former-popstar? Sure, her nickname is Posh, but she can look rather un-posh and Playboy Bunny-like (fake boobs, ratty extensions, acrylic nails, George Hamilton tan), although this doesn't seem to bother Roberto Cavalli (pictured with Posh and looking eerily George Hamilton-like).

If you were a designer, who would you want to represent your brand?

Click here for the Telegraph article.

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