11 August 2006

Tess McGill Flashbacks

I used to laugh at the idea of sweater dresses because they seemed so dated, and not in a good way. When I hear "sweater dress" I conjure up this image of Melanie Griffith as Tess McGill wearing heavily contoured maroon blush and NFL-worthy shoulder pads. I don't even remember if she wore sweater dresses in Working Girl, maybe it was just awful NFL-padded beige powersuits, but that's what my mind automatically jumps to.

However, I've been forced to reconsider the idea of a dress made of sweater as I've taken a look at the following:

Stella McCartney

These dresses are anything but dated because instead of being worn with a cemented-with-Aqua-Net coif and maroon contouring, they're paired with loose waves and fresh faces. Also, black and charcoal are much better than beige and sand when it comes to sweater dresses.

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