13 August 2006

Sunday Morning

Today I woke up, and for once, didn't resent the beam of sunlight shooting through my window. I typically really dislike August. For one, it's my birthday month (the 24th) and my birthday is my least favorite of all days. Two, it's the last full summery month and therefore is tedious. I always get too antsy to actually relax because I'm anticipating things like school, falling leaves, scarves and rain (and around Seattle, it really rains, I'm sure you've heard).

I used to be a sun-bunny. In the summer months, I'd roll out of bed around 10 and immediately put on a bikini. The rest of my day usually consisted of baking in the sun till I felt like I had sunstroke, or actually getting sunstroke. And, as a result, I will have leathery skin when I'm thirty, so I have that to look forward to. Which goes back to the reason I dislike my birthday... every year I'm that much closer to leathery skin.

Okay, actually, that's not entirely true. I'm not that vapid. But leathery skin isn't anything to eagerly anticipate, is it?

So if I can get back to my initial reason for this post... it's a beautiful August morning, I don't resent the sun, etc. etc. etc. Oh yes! So I found my reason to put on my resurrected Diane von Furstenberg shirt... I threw it on, rolled up the sleeves, put on a bold, geometrically patterned black and white skirt and my black flats, grabbed my sunglasses and my little (new!) dog (beagle/basset), Jack, and took a stroll in the sunshine to get a bagel and cappuccino.

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