14 August 2006

My Territorial Pissings

I was just reading a post on Style Bubble about grunge, and I want to say that I totally agree with Susie Bubble's thoughts.

I had been looking over the "grunge look" that's being pushed for Fall in magazines, and it is disturbing to see a layout for "Go Grunge!" The advice is basically, "Wear destroyed sweaters, lots of plaid, big boots, and scowl."

Well, as a person who grew up in the grunge era in the exact geographical origin of grunge, here are my thoughts.

I grew up in Tacoma, about half way between Aberdeen (Kurt Cobain's hometown) and Seattle (home of grunge music). I was ten when Kurt died, but despite being young, I was absolutely caught up in the grunge movement. I used to borrow my older sister's Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Mother Love Bone, Temple of The Dog and Nirvana albums. I was a moody child and was deeply affected by the music. I started buying myself old plaid Pendleton shirts and ripped jeans at the Goodwill. I wrote "Pearl Jam" on my Converse high tops in Sharpie.

The clothes represented the mood of the generation, and the gloominess of Seattle. Then MTV picked up Nirvana and the entire world seemed to be grunge. Marc Jacobs validated grunge on the runways.

When I think of Grunge, I'm immediately taken back to a place in my life where I'd cry in my room while listening to "Lithium". I know, it sounds silly because it's a stereotype, but it was my reality.

I strongly dislike the idea of a carefully fashioned "Grunge Wardrobe" in this day and age. It's counterintuitive and antithetical because Grunge was an era and a movement, not just a style. I'm not trying to wax poetic or be dramatic, but it really diminishes the gravity of the movement. It was very profoundly counter-cultural and rooted in genuine angst. It wasn't, "Oh my God! It's totally cute when I wear Dr. Marten's with my vintage dress!"

UGH. So there's my rant. I'm glad that I have a kindred spirit in Susie Bubble.

Oh well, whatever, nevermind.


susie_bubble said...

I think you're about the only person who agreed with me entirely...... so thanks for backing me up and your reaction post was fantastic too.

Btw.....cool blog. Will link back to you!

Amy said...

I completely agree : )
- Amy

Amy said...

I agree completely.
There are so many fashion movements like grunge that are now worn simply as trends.
Great blog!