24 August 2006

Lace Flats

I like finding items that I can't immediately form an opinion about. These shoes looked cute at first glance. But upon consideration, I think they might fall into the Grandma's-doiley-turned-footwear-tragedy category.

Also, I haven't decided about the heel. I really don't like the look of it. I prefer honest-to-god flats rather than this little whimpy semi-heel. And is that stacked leather, or is it faux-leather? I despise faux-stacked leather which is now found on just about every wedge in any store. Ugh.

So are they a yes or no?

(pic courtesy of Zappos)


Casey said...


Nathalia said...

They'd look lovely with red glittery silk socks in it, yknow, over the top. But that's just me, right ;)

Joanne said...

YES! By absolute coincidence, I already have a bag to match ;)