15 August 2006

The Indomitable Lily Cole

I bet every modeling agent secretly wishes he or she had discovered Lily Cole. A girl with this kind of versatile, malleable face is a goldmine in fashion. Lily is what modeling is all about: being moldable, convincing and natural.
Her face is like a blank canvas, and she can easily be made to look like a Botticelli painting, Alice in Wonderland, a rockstar, Lolita, an innocent child, or an alien.
Color is another theme in her work. Her big blue eyes, porcelain doll-face, and mane of red hair just beg to be vibrantly decorated.

It's obvious that she inspires artistry. She inspires photographers, set designers, clothing designers, makeup artists and hair stylists. Each one sees her and envisions a beautiful bygone era, or even a fantastical image. Her face easily transcends time and reality and she becomes whatever she has inspired in an artist.

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