15 August 2006

Hair Renaissance

There was a time when hair was as carefully ornamented and dressed as the body.

Hair ornamentation in the last decade or so has been embarrassing and, quite honestly, traumatic. From scrunchies, to claw clips, to glitter-encrusted butterfly clips, hair accessories have been consistently hideous. I honestly had resigned myself to the fact that, one of these days, I'd open a magazine and see "The Snood Is Back! How To Look Fab In Your Snood". It was inevitable.

It's no wonder celebrities were trodding along the red carpet with 'Plain Jane' hair or 'beach' hair.

Some resorted to god-awful prom updos or ponytails.

Now, however, it seems as though there might be hope for hair. The following pictures adumbrate a light at the end of this dark tunnel. Glorious baubles and barrettes adorn the hair of these models.

Now let's see who can bring this to the red carpet with style.

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