08 August 2006

From S&M to H&M

I've never thought of Madonna as a fashion icon, but then again, I was too young in the 80s to try to imitate her Jean Paul Gaultier S&M fetish outfits. My earliest recollection of Madonna is when she got pregnant (with Lourdes) and I was scandalized.

Anyway. She's all about H&M now. Specifically their tracksuits.

I only shop at H&M when I'm in NYC because sadly the only store on this side of the country is in San Francisco. I'm in NY more often than I'm in San Francisco. At any rate, I will not be buying a tracksuit anytime soon, even if the Holy Mother is telling me to. I own one tracksuit and it's a c. 1980 Nike tracksuit. It's got a little hip-hop vibe to it, and I only wear it when I'm feeling extremely sporty (not often).

So, despite my affection for H&M, I think I'll just let this tracksuit phase pass me by.

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