15 August 2006


If you read this blog much, you know that I have a particular fondness for France and the French language and French fashion and French women. Okay, that last part sounded sleazy. What I mean is, there are beautiful women, then there are beautiful French women, and they're all so indescribably French-looking... and I'm totally infatuated with them. Take, for example, Marcheline Bertrand (aka Angelina Jolie's mother). She has a brightness in her eyes that is riveting and look of genuine kindness that is inviting.

I had the opportunity to meet Angelina Jolie at a screening of a movie two years ago and all I could think is, and there's no "cool" way to say this, she's perfect. It's hard to think anything else when you see her. She is literally breathtaking, and much shorter than I thought and very delicate. Her hair is shiny, her skin is flawless, and her eyes sparkle. Oh, and she was nice.

Looking at this picture of Marcheline, it's easy to see where she gets it from.

Oh, and here's another little black crocheted-looking top, like the one on Zooey Deschanel, only I like this one better.

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