17 August 2006

Do or Don't?

I do not read Glamour magazine because I find the articles tired and patronizing. How many times can they print: The Perfect Pedicure; Meet Glamour's Dating Blogger - Vote On What She Should Do and She'll Do It!; Are You Normal About Stress?; Lose Ten Pounds Now!; Please Him In Bed; Are You Sexy? Take This Quiz!, etc. etc. etc. All the same reasons I do not read Cosmopolitan or Marie Claire. If you've read one, you've read them all.

Besides, any 'fashion magazine' that features Emmy Rossum, Eva Longoria and Sheryl Crow (simultaneously) on the cover is a no-go in my book. Emmy is prematurely geriatric... I wouldn't be surprised if she wore Dr. Scholl's orthopedics under her Republican political wife/beard costumes Ralph Lauren pantsuits. Eva Longoria is a L.A.-at-its-worst disaster (has she been seeing Rachel Zoe or something?) and I'll never forget Sheryl Crow's Pocahontas-inspired tassled chaps disaster... she should take a lesson from Emmy Rossum on blandness.

However, Glamour's Dos and Don'ts are mildly entertaining, even if I disagree with them at times, and now there's an entire book of them featuring style advice from Diane von Furstenberg, among others.

I have no intention of spending money on this book, but if I saw it on a bookshelf, I'd flip through it. For me, Glamour and this book are don'ts. What are they for you?

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Amy said...

My sister reads them all - Cosmo, Glamour, etc., so issues are always hanging around the house. But i totally agree - their articles sometimes make me genuinely mad. I know how to "please my man", paint my nails, and deal with stress. I don't need an article to tell me how.

But yes, I do flip to the back of glamour and look at the do's and dont's. They are usually pretty amusing