08 August 2006

Birkin Breeds 'Em Good

I like posting nonconformist women who exude individuality and confidence. They're harder and harder to find these days. Most women I know exude suffocating insecurity, constantly demanding affirmation. That's why women who don't seem to give a damn are so damn attractive and exemplary.

Some women look so at ease that you know they have to be confident, whereas other women spend hours trying to perfect their "at ease" look and end up looking insecure and generic.

I've posted on Charlotte Gainsbourg before, and now I'll post on her half-sister, Lou Doillon. Unlike their mother, Jane Birkin, neither Charlotte nor Lou is empirically attractive. Both have rather unconventional looking faces... certainly not the faces of your average Hollywood starlet.

Lou Doillon projects confidence and ease. She looks effortlessly stylish, as though her outfit was an afterthought. Her hair is a natural shade of brown, her skin is its natural color, and because she's okay with that, she's absolutely stunning... even when she's disheveled.

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