31 July 2006

A Tour of My Room


JLTH said...

It's all very nice and I'm glad you got it cleaned up, but if you don't mind my asking, what does this have to do with fashion?

Ailsa said...

There are whole magazines and books dedicated to interior design fashions. I read them from time to time, and decided to fashion my room accordingly.

Many of the great fashion houses of Europe also create home furnishings.

Interior design and clothing design are certainly similar, if not related, areas of fashion.

JLTH said...

I just thought that your blog was more about the clothing element of fashion, after all, and this was an entry that didn't fit. So good job, older sister: you've exhibited that your fashion scope may be greater than I've been led to believe.

(Ditto your purse contents, but then those are "for kicks," so okay.)