27 July 2006

Je suis désolé Dior, J'adore L'Occitane

I've always been around L'Occitane because my mother is a hopeless Francophile. She was partially raised in France by a French teaching mother and now buys every French product known to man. My entire life, and to this day, my mother's frangrance collection has included L'Occitane, Roger Gallet, Guerlain, Chanel 5, L'air du Temps, Quelques Fleurs, Je Reviens and on and on.

I got completely hooked on L'Occitane a few years ago on a flight home from New York, when, after getting bumped to first class, I was given a little travel bag of L'Occitane toiletries. The bag included, among other things, the Extra-Gentle Cleansing Water and Shea Butter Hand Creme which I now use daily.

When I lived in LA, a block off Sunset Blvd., I'd walk to the L'Occitane store at Sunset Plaza every month or so to buy a Verbena Harvest candle. L'Occitane's Fleur d'Oranger Parfum is also one of my top five favorite perfumes.

I'm such a sucker for pretty packaging, and L'Occitane's Provençal packages are trés jolie.

(picture courtesy of loccitane.com)

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