29 July 2006

Catch Du Jour

Today I woke up and had a hankering to do a little Goodwill shopping. The Goodwill isn't really an ideal place for finding treasures, but if you have patience and time, it can be rewarding.

Today I found... ahem, drumroll, et al... vintage Ferragamo white leather (with a black patent leather toe) slides! I also found another pair of Ferragamo heels, but they were not in my gargantuan size, damn them.

I also got a pair of no-name leather military-looking books. They actually look like Burberry. Yes, I admit it, they're generic, but quite smashing and quite cheap. I got a little red and white striped tank top from the 80s, a tiny black silk Bebe cocktail dress, three purses of various eras (80s, 70s, 60s) and a cream colored leather wallet with a big gold clasp. AND a little vest and blue cashmere sweater.

All for under $50. Yes, ladies and gay gentlemen, I am a bargain shopper extraordinaire.

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